Cheese Curler, Abigail Fox Kitchen Collection


This professional-grade manual cheese curler boasts a stainless steel cheese cutter and a strong natural beech body, allowing you to create exquisite shavings to elevate the aesthetics of your dishes. You can effortlessly prepare paper-thin shavings of Tête de Moine, Petit Basque, Edam, or chocolate to make any dish into a delightful feast perfect for hosting friends and family.

Long-Lasting Construction - Durable beech and stainless steel construction ensures that this cheese shaper can handle frequent use without bending or breaking.

• Versatile Design - Whether shaping cheese or chocolate, this manual, handheld flaker is ideal for creating appetizing dishes.

• Intuitive Operation - Featuring an ergonomic handle and effortless use, this cheese slicer can be used with ease, even by beginners. Just place the cheese and press the blade down for perfect curls.

• Perfect for Connoisseurs - A great choice for cheese aficionados, this Cheese Curler will add a touch of sophistication to any dish.

• Easy Cleanup - Cleaning is a breeze - simply rinse off the cheese shaper.