Set of Puzzle Piece Charcuterie Boards, Connect them to each other or use hole to hold your glass of wine!

Each Board is 100% handmade with eco-friendly bamboo.

Individual Board Measurement: 10.5" x 6.5" x .40"

Each Set comes shrink wrapped inside a box.

More info:

Handmade with eco friendly bamboo, Bougie Boards are the perfect answer to personal charcuterie boards for sharing with friends.

Each Board connects to the next. The beautiful spreads you will create with Bougie Boards are endless!

Serve your favorite snacks for a girl’s night in, dinner at home, or for a large together with friends.

One set of Bougie Boards are perfect for serving a group of 2-4 people.

Dimensions Including Handle:6.5″W x 14″L x .50″H

One Set Serves

1 - 4 people

Two Sets Serve

4-8 people

Three Sets Serve

8-12 people