Cera, Vintage Mid-Century Barware, "Name Your Poison", Old-Fashion Glasses, Sold Individually

Abigail Fox Vintage Collections has a stunning and dangerously funny set of 6 "Poison" glasses made by Cera and originally sold in Neiman Marcus in the 1970's. With plenty of dark humor, the complete set is made up of 6 glasses that are sold individually and include: Strychnine, Arsenic, Belladonna, Curare, Hemlock, and Cyanide

This is an amazing chance to purchase the complete set for your own collection or as gift for your person with that delightfully dark streak running through them.

Collector's Note *** This set of 6 is the flared style which is the most coveted of the Cera Poison Glasses, more coveted than the straight-sided style. Cera's Poison glassware remains one of their most popular patterns today. We are selling these glasses individually.  

Each glass is 12 oz and is referred to as The Double Old Fashioned Bar Glass.  The brown and gold [featured here] are from the earliest set and are much older than newer sets made in blue or green.

These glasses came in a few different varieties including different colors as well as the shape/number of ounces. In addition to the various poisons, each glass has "ounces" on one side and ML (milliliter) on the other.

Each glass is very rare and in good vintage condition. Because of their vintage age the measurements are faded on some of the glasses. Please make sure you look at the pictures when deciding which of the glasses interest you. 

Visit our Instagram and Pinterest account to see a video of the entire glass. As an added service, we are always able to FaceTime with you to show you more pictures of the product before you place your order. 

  • Product - Specs: Poison glasses designed by Cera. 12 oz Double Old Fashioned Bar Glass, Circa 1970’s
  • Condition: Excellent condition, minimal wear consistent with age and use
  • Care: Hand-washing highly recommended

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