Brown Leather Crossbody Small Tote. Seaside Teal / (18")

  • Top-quality bags sewn one at a time
  • Local Maine production
  • Durable bags that get better with age
  • Buttery feel and rich leather smell
  • Signature salt air style

Fitting comfortably across your body, you can carry your whole day in this two-pocket bag. The thick leather is sewn with industrial thread, so everything stays secure. Most of the bag is smooth leather with a signature suede interior as well as a suede front pocket side.


  • Handbag is 13" wide x 13" tall x 4" deep.
  • Rope handle is 18" (measured from the brass hardware to the top of the bag handle). The total length of the rope is 40"
  • 3" Industrial brass hardware


Wildwood Oyster Co. leather bags are designed for your everyday life and made from self-sustaining leather. This means it’s super durable and you don’t need to treat it right away. Since it already has a lightly oiled finish (easy to buff out scuffs), you likely won’t need to freshen up the leather for a few years.

As a specific note on the black leather, we use a heavy dye to achieve this rich color. Just like your favorite pair of dark wash jeans, please break in your bag before you wear it with a white shirt or white jeans.


  • Responsibly sourced leather cut and sewn to precision
  • Dock line rope (soft nylon) that fits snuggly and comfortably across your body
  • Classic brass