Lighthouse Cocktail Shaker

The ABIGAIL FOX BARWARE COLLECTIONS is excited to introduce The Lighthouse Shaker.

This sleek Light House cocktail shaker has an interesting story behind it, and it is one of my favorite products we sell in the store. 

My father is a collector, name something interesting and I’m not kidding when I tell you he probably has a collection of them. One of his amazing collections I have always loved are antique and vintage cocktail shakers. His Antique Lighthouse Cocktail shaker is stunning. I love the story behind these uniquely shaped collections… 

During the 1920’s when Congress voted the Probibition and the United States went “dry”, people got creative! Illegal bars called speakeasies started to pop up. The original Lighthouse shaker in my Dads collection is like the speakeasy of shakers. It is made to look like a decorative figure, and unless you know, you would not know it was a cocktail shaker. The idea was the unique shapes would make them less easily recognized by the police.

Our lighthouse shaker is a stunning reproduction of the originals. while there are reproductions out there, they do not compare to the quality of ours. They are made of heavily silver-plated brass and are food safety approved.

A little more history for you: The cylindrical tapered cocktail shaker with architectural details of windows and railings is modeled after the first lighthouse in the United States, Boston Light, 1716. It is located on Little Brewster Island in outer Boston Harbor, Massachusetts. It was destroyed during the American Revolution and then rebuilt in 1783. The lighthouse is is still in use today!

Examples of the original antique shakers, like in my Dads collection, can be found in The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Overall Dimensions: 3.9"dia x 13.8"h

Material: Brass

Finish: Polished Nickel