Rainbow Kitties, Little Kids Face Mask

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little kids (approximately ages 3-6) -- this is a one size fits most mask in the little kid age range -- if you are unsure of the sizing please check the measurements below

nose bridge to chin 4.5”
nose point to ear 4.25”
plus 4” elastic on both sides

2 layers of 100% cotton
triple reinforced stitching with poly-cotton thread
black elastic

Please HAND WASH upon receipt and anytime the mask is worn. Hand wash using hot, soapy water and either hang or lay on a towel to dry. DO NOT launder in the washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, microwave, or oven.

Due to the personal nature and use of the face mask we are unable to accept any returns on this item. Please ask if you are unsure about sizing/fit because once it is shipped we CANNOT accept any returns.

We make NO claim that these masks will prevent any disease from entering. Given the current shortage of medical-grade protective gear this may be the best option for some people. This mask is NOT meant to replace the surgical face mask or N95 respirator mask. Use of this mask is at the sole discretion of the buyer and should be researched thoroughly to make an informed decision.