May 18, 2023 1 min read

1. Jewelry Set

Your grad will absolutely love this sentimental, practical gift! Whether choosing to wear all of the pieces at once, some at a time, or mixing and matching, these staples pieces are great to have away from home.


2. Fuzzy Slippers


No shoes? No problem! From walking around the dorm to the dining hall, your grad will find that a pair of cozy, stylish slippers is a college must-have.


3. To-Go Mug

With a  schedule that has long hours and requires early rising, your grad has got to have a reusable mug to take all around campus. Nothing like a cup of iced coffee in the morning or some soothing hot tea.


4. Fake Plants

We know that your grad's dorm room won't be the brightest or most decorative upon move-in. Luckily, these low-maintenance fake plants are just the thing to spruce up the dorm!


5. Blue Light Blockers

When your grad is hitting the books (hopefully, they're not partying too hard!), they'll need a pair of these blue light blockers to avoid straining their eyes from staring at a computer. We carry these glasses with prescriptions ranging from +1.00 to +4.00.