April 05, 2023 1 min read

Children's Beach

Spend some time at Children's Beach. Childrens Beach is in Town, and 100% for kids!

The beach is wave-free and calm.

Children's Beach also has a big, grassy field, a fun playground, a snack shack (with toys, sun screen and other beach necessities), and restrooms.

Surf Lessons

Take a surf lesson withNantucket Surf School at Cisco Beach.

All the instructors are greatwith kids andalways manageto help first-timers get up on the boards.


Stargazing through telescopes on a clear night in the summer is so much fun. Nantucket has the most amazing clear skies for stargazing.

 Visit theLoines Observatory on clear nights throughout the summer to look at constellations through two research telescopes.

Maria Mitchell Aquarium

Visit a variety of sea creatures at theMaria Mitchell Aquarium.

This little aquarium is great forlittle kids and welcomes reaching into the touch tanks!

Candy Shop

Force Five Watersports surf shop, has our favorite secret candy shop inside... you would never guess it from the outside!

A repurposed storage closet in the middle of the store holds loads of candy in just about every variety. Swing buy and pick out some favorite candies!

Follow along for more tips for your Nantucket vacation!