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ABIGAIL FOX VINTAGE COLLECTIONS - specializes in rare, hard-to-find, mid-twentieth century barware and glassware perfect for gift-giving and entertaining. The old world meets the new world as signature Vintage Mid-Century Glasses find their way to your home, or into another’s, as a quintessential gift for the discerning host and hostess.

We make it easy for you to start your collection today with our large and varied selection of Mid-Century designer glassware and barware. Start your own collection or begin a tradition by bringing these fabulous glasses as gifts to friends and family over the years to come.

Add the perfect accent to any evening. Always a conversation starter, these beguiling glasses are crowd pleasers.

Below, "Name Your Poison", a set in our collection by Georges Briard.

More About the Designers Featured in Our Collection:

Designer Georges Briard

ABIGAIL FOX VINTAGE COLLECTIONS features glasses made by Georges Briard, a world-renowned American designer of Mid-Century [mid-twentieth century] cocktail glassware and barware best known for his distinct and modern designs, many of which were made with 22k gold.

Briard became an award-winning designer whose popularity grew from the 1950’s to 1970’s as high-end department stores of the time - Neiman Marcus and Bonwit Teller - continuously stocked his themed collections.

Georges Briard,born Jascha Brojdo emigrated to the US from Poland in the 1930’s and served in the U.S. Army under Gen. George S. Patton as a Russian interpreter. After the war, he lived in New York City painting under his adopted named - while also painting metal serving trays for Max Wille under the name of George Briard, given to him by Wille to mark his commercial pieces.

Santa and His Reindeer, By Georges Briard. Available in our Collection.


Designer Culver Glass

Embellish every Cocktail Hour with Culver Cocktailware

Culver Glass is highly collectible and remains popular today - it is known for its extraordinary craftsmanship. The company’s early productions featured acid etch, decalcomania, sandblasted, hand-painted, banded, sand-cut monogramming and silk screen. In the late 1950’s, Culver Ltd started the application of the 22-karat gold to their glassware. The super-heated, roll-on process of gold remains a secret today.

Culver Glass Ltd was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1939 by Irving Rothenberg and was famous for its stunning decorative glassware and 22-karat gold decoration. From the late 1950’s on through the 1960’s, the company gained notoriety and its products became highly collectible and only sold at high-end department stores. Irving Rothenberg passed away in 1987 and his son, Mark ‘Mickey’ Rothenberg, ran the Culver Glass Company until he sold it in 1996 to Moderne Glass Company, Inc. Mickey Rothenberg continued in the glass manufacturing business until his death on 9/11. He was one of the passengers on the hijacked Newark-to-San-Francisco flight that crashed in Pennsylvania.

Collector’s tip - How to tell its a Culver? From the 1940’s through the ’50s Culver glass is signed with a script “Culver.” In the late 1960’s through the 1970’s, the Culver mark changed to a block lettering “CULVER.” After the 1970s Culver glass is typically unmarked because the company changed to paper labels attached to the glass and many of the labels disappeared from use. By the 1980’s, Culver stopped making its own glass and began using glassware ‘blanks’ produced by other companies.

Two sets of Culver glasses from our Collection, Owls and Mushrooms.


Designer Cera

Cera used real 22k gold in many of their glassware patterns and were known for creating some of the most popular Mid Century glassware designs. Cera remains one of the most popular vintage brands for MCM glassware excellence and their Poison glassware remains one of their most popular patterns today.

Hallmarks: Cera designed for Neiman Marcus. Some of their glasses are signed Neiman Marcus and not Cera, it depends on the design.

Cera "Poison" Glasses, Part of our Collection:


Designer Bio: Libbey Glass

Libbey Glass Company:

The Libbey Glass Company was one of the largest twentieth and twenty-first century glass manufacturers in America Libbey; produced bottles, containers, window glass; and is best known for its cut glass. The Libbey Glass Company began to produce windshields when the popularity and production of automobiles was increasing. The company remains in operation in the twenty-first century, In 2004, was the United States' largest manufacturer of glass dinnerware. 

In 1888, Edward Libbey moved his glass-manufacturing establishment from Massachusetts to Toledo, Ohio. Thanks to the efforts of the Libbey Glass Company, Toledo became known as “the glass capital of the world” during the early 1900s.

Libbey developed a machine that could automatically produce bottles, tumblers, and glass chimneys. The machine increased production and lowered manufacturing costs as well as the number of factory workers who were replaced by the machine.


Libbey Tennis Glasses, Part of our Collection:


It is important to note when purchasing any Vintage Glass Products:

Mid-Century glassware often has imperfections (i.e. tiny bubbles in the glass, or a "seam" from when the glass was being created, an extra spot of gold or enamel that made it on a clear part of the glass, etc -- purely the nature of vintage glassware).


As always, Please reach out to us if you have any questions or are looking for help designing your Bar. We love searching for perfect collections for clients!