AF No. 03 Lavender and Driftwood Soy Candle

Matte white 14oz glass container featuring 12 oz of wax in a 14oz tumbler with a natural wooden wick.

 About ABIGAIL FOX Candles:

Candle series No. 02-08 are locally poured in Greenwich CT, with environmentally sustainable, clean ingredients and packaging. We use the cleanest waxes on the market that are the safest to burn in your home.

When creating our scents our goal was that each fragrance would have its own character and unique profile.

We took into account top notes, which is what you smell first, and the scent that draws your in. Usually citrusy or soft florals. The middle notes, also known as the heart of the candle, whichare brighter florals and lighter wood scents. The middle note scents are usually the most prominent smells when a candle is burning. Lastly, the base notes. These are the anchor scents. Usually spices, musks, woods and ambers. These are the notes that tend to linger in a room after a candle is extinguished. By mixing and burning different combinations we feel we have developed a wonderful and luxurious fragrance experience… made locally with care just for you!

Our 14 oz glass container is collectible and can be repurposed as a large, heavy bottomed tumbler or flower vessel.

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