Earring Club Subscription Box

Meet our AF Earring Club Subscription Box, the new and exciting gift to yourself that you won't want to miss! Try just one month if you're not ready to commit yet.

In each box, you will receive the current month's earring choices. Each month we choose between 1 and 2 pairs of "everyday" earrings for you. We hand-select earrings each month for our subscribers. Subscribers receive earrings up to 50% off of our collection pricing. The chosen earrings are BRAND NEW designs, some not offered in our store yet, and are new introductions to our jewelry collection. You'll be the first to wear them.  

*Items cannot be returned or exchanged.

**Subscribers can only purchase the 1 Month Box one time.  

Do you have a “go to” collection of earrings that are appropriate for every day? Or is it time to upgrade your collection so you always have the right pair to grab?

What Makes Up a Pair Of Everyday “Earrings”?

If you are wearing something every day, we think it should be both in fashion, and high-quality. We have 4 main aspects that we think are important for your everyday earring. We can’t wait to  help create the perfect everyday earring collection that you love!


Your everyday jewelry should be comfortable enough that you easily wear it all day long. You don’t need to take anything off to type on the computer or talk on your phone. Your earrings should not be too heavy, and the right size to not get caught in your hair, scarves or clothing. More so, the jewelry you wear every day should almost feel like you're wearing nothing at all. If it seems like you’re missing something whenever you take your earrings off, you’ve found the perfect everyday earrings!


The jewelry you wear every day serves as a base for the rest of your accessories. Think of your everyday jewelry as your first layer. Some days you go with a minimalist look. Others, you can layer up necklaces and stack your rings and bracelets. Your everyday jewelry becomes every outfit’s staple piece. It’s your first layer that gives you consistency between all your outfits. For your everyday jewelry, choose quality, subtle pieces that will go with your style because a little sparkle goes a long way. These pieces will become your signature look.


Of course, since you will be wearing these pieces every day, they need to be high quality. No one wants their “go to” earrings rusting or turning green. By investing in high-quality metals and gemstones, your everyday pieces will stay looking new and fresh even years after you purchase them.


Durability and quality go hand in hand. Some stones, no matter how expensive or rare they are, are more prone to damage than others. For this reason, we are thoughtful about the gemstones we provide in our everyday earring subscriptions since they are earrings that will be worn often. You have an active life to live, and your earrings should be able to withstand it.

Some people choose to wear the same pair of earrings everyday because they do not know what to wear, or don’t have the variety of earrings appropriate for everyday. This is why our subscription box is perfect. Each month you will receive a high quality, comfortable, durable and versatile earring that can be worn anywhere. 

No matter what your fashion sense is or how hectic your lifestyle is, there are everyday earrings for you… and we will send them to your door each month. 

Are you ready to invest in everyday jewelry pieces? 

Upon purchasing the 3 or 6 month subscription we will contact you for a quick conversation about your style and what you are looking for in your collection. Or, We can also send you a questionnaire to fill out with your preferences and a few questions.

We can’t wait to for you to join!