MAKE YOUR OWN CLASS, in person instruction. Seamless gold filled beaded bracelet

This class is 1.5 hours long and you will be shown how to make your own seamless gold filled ball bracelet. 

During the class you will make three bracelets out of 4,5&6mm beads. 

( Purchasing 3 ready made bracelets: One of each 4,5&6mm bracelets = $305 )

6mm (retail $125)

5mm (retail $85)

4mm (retail $75)

Regular retail price for all three would be $305. Take our class and learn how to string and “finish” your bracelets yourself! 

The price of the class is time, materials and instructions to make three bracelets. 

You are welcome to make more than three bracelets during the class, and would be charged accordingly. Addition bead kits and findings will also available to purchase after the class to make them yourself later.

Additional times are available and larger groups can be accommodated.
Please email us,

Classes will take place in Old Greenwich Village, location tbd. If you purchase a group of 4, 6 or 8 person event we can discuss the date & time you would like.


Make your own:
Gold Filled Seamless Bead Bracelet.

Never take them off, they won't tarnish!