One Custom Riverside Yacht Club Burgee End Cap for a Woven Nantucket Bracelet.

Scrimshawed by hand on Eco-Ivory.

Bracelets need Two end caps, one for each end. if you want two of the same end cap you  must order a QUANTITY OF TWO.




What is Eco Ivory and what are the different types of Ivory/ is it legal?

Eco-Ivory is a man made polymer/acrylic that is mixed to mimic the look and feel of ivory.

Types Of Ivory:

A frequent misconception is that all ivory is "illegal". Our custom end caps are made from a certain types of elephant and mammoth that are legal to buy and sell. It is Eco Ivory.

Asian Elephant:

On the U.S. & C.I.T.E.S. Endangered Species List. Importing, buying, and selling of Asian elephant ivory is not allowed internationally or interstate within the U.S.

Mammoth or Mastodon:

Extinct animals with different looking tusks, however the cut ivory can look nearly the same. Commerce in this 10,000-40,000 year old ivory is completely unrestricted. A great deal of this ivory in cut form looks practically identical to elephant ivory (except for the outer layer where all the color and weathering is). Our friends at U.S. Fish & Wildlife Forensics Laboratory have discovered a reliable indicator for differentiating between prehistoric mammoth and modern elephant ivory. Color is no indication; it is the angle that the cross grain lines bisect themselves. Angles of less than 90% indicate that it's mammoth/mastodon, angles greater than 120% show that it's elephant. This information is now being shared with customs and wildlife agents around the world so that mammoth ivory will clear customs inspections and not be subject to seizures or delays.

 Illegal Ivory:

African Elephant:

On the C.I.T.E.S. Endangered Species List. Importing, buying, and selling of African elephant ivory is not allowed internationally. It cannot be imported into or exported out of the U.S. or practically any other country of the world. It is legal to own, buy, sell or ship within the United States and there are no permits or registration requirements (those were required for importation into the U.S.).

Most of the current raw elephant ivory you see sold is all old "estate" ivory which was legally imported years ago. WE DO NOT USE ESTATE IVORY.